What is love?

If love was in my veins

And love was in my blood

The way the thunder rumbles

As the lightning strikes six miles away

Would flow to my heart

If love was the air

Then cold winter nights would fill my lungs

If love was a journal

The pages would be filled with every hug I have ever given my mother

If love was a meal

The entree would be every kiss goodnight I gave my dad

And the main course would be late night drives with my brother

If love was a color

That color would be black

Because although it may be dark, it goes with everything

If love was my best friend

We would not be very close

Because yes I love a lot, but I love with my mind and not with my heart

If love were the moon

I would never sleep just to see it

If love was the water

Then I’d be splashing in the kiddie pool

If love were a candle

It would be an eternal flame

If love was a poem

It would be filed to the brim with clichés

If love was a song

It would play in an empty arena as the rain poured

No...If love was a song

I would blast it on my stereo until the neighbors called the cops

If love was tea

I'd have a cup every night

And if love was in me

It would pump through my veins with every step closer to the goal

But if love were in the words that came out of my mouth

You would hate every single one

If I cooked you up some love

You would complain it was too bitter

You would say it lacked in flavor

You would say it was overcooked

You would say it made you nauseous

Because even though it was a platter of love

It was a platter of my love

My love is only for my tongue

Just as your love is only for yours

Because although it may be bitter

And although it may burnt

My love is the best platter I have yet to ever serve

So if love was in my veins

And love was in my blood

It would reach into my heart

And reach into my brain

And maybe then…

I could learn to love again

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My family
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