What is Love?

Love what really is love and why do so many people think they feel it in the first place?

Love does it not cause pain amongst the empty hearted ones and inside your soul?

Love when people explain what its meaning is, why does it deceive our eyes and ears?

Love does not get puffed up they say but then why does it happen?

How can you know for sure if you are really experiencing it if it comes in all directions?

If what people call love is full of pain and sacrifices harming to you and the other what is the point in it?

Love is like a sharp knife piercing through your heart a million times.

Love is words of hate when you can’t ever sleep at night but instead you cry.

Love is the pride built up inside that you can never rid yourself from.

Love is what makes a heart break apart every road it travels down.

When your still a youth and feel for someone close to you it is an angel of dark manners tricking you.

When you cry and someone comes to comfort you remember this they won’t stay long.

When your tears catch in a skin bottle they are not kept they are thrown out in hell where love resides.

When a baby cries in hunger their mother is feeding them cyanide.

They say they love you millions of times but that is not really the truth inside.

Love is a time bomb waiting for its prey so it can go off when you fall in its trap.

Love is nothing has no meaning it is not a feeling or an existing thing it’s just a made up act.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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