What Inspires Me?

What inspires me, you may ask?

Is it the medal, the trophy, that gleams extravagantly above?

No, it is instead my immaculate Savior,

The one that epitomizes the word "love."


The roaring oceans, budding flowers, and sapphire skies,

crafted by His own two hands,

Motivates me to treasure the earth;

To cherish and gaze upon His divine lands.


He encourages me to work my hardest everyday,

Not working for the world's approval, but for success in His' name.

The enticing trophy that gleams temptingly near,

is nothing compared to the triumph with His love, for which I aim.


My desires and inspirations are birthed from His word,

to spread the Gospel, and to follow His perfect Will.

The purpose for all of my life will be to worship my Savior,

To praise His name whether life is racing by or stuck at a stand still.


Jesus' sacrifice inspires me most of all,

By lovingly dying for us, paying the Ultimate Sacrifice;

This compassion fills my heart so that I may share His love with others,

As I will someday meet my loving Savior up above in Paradise. 

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