What is infinite?

What is infinite?

The power within me is limitless,

these words flow out during a rainy evening

as I come with a confidence so definitive

I could have told you two years ago what my mission is.

In vividness, I hope to help people out of this corrupt society

and the deep dark abyss it is.

The point of my existence I think you’re missing is

I’m trying to make the world see that it’s not about

greed, hatred, or vengeance

but rather

love, peace, and forgiveness.


The decrepit fear tearing the world apart from within itself

comes from nothing more than the historical mindset to colonize

when really that is exactly what we need to set aside

and let our minds’ way of thinking realign

to what is necessary to progress.

Because in our future, all that presents itself is certain



Hope takes away from the sense of fear

that lies awake inside the young boy

who can’t wrap his head around the idea of a goodnight’s sleep.

Hope is what he looks to in the night sky

thinking that something will get rid of the darkness in the night,

and that will finally allow him to dream.

Hope is what I provide,

because that child was once alive in my mind

and all it took was a couple ticks of time

to make it able for a young boy like me to dream of a finish line.


Hope is what will prevail on this ship that will sail across an ocean of colossal waves.

If this world cannot take back itself,

then it’s apparent that I must take the reigns

and be the Superman that I was destined to be,

and make this the world that I was destined  to save.


Limitless power I may obtain,

Though it is not from which I feel coursing through my veins.

It is the same power based on how everything was made.

I will save this planet through the infinite power of my brain.


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