What If Thinking IS the Box?

All our lives, we have been told to lies.

To succeed in life, you must "think outside the box."

But... what if thinking is the box? My goodness, what a paradox!


We are standing in the way of ourselves; our true-selves.

In this reality, there is much suffering.

What we don't realize is that our minds control that suffering.

And control us.


We are all looking for answers but, in all the wrong places.

Through people of many faces, research, and reasoning.

Stop looking outside, and start looking within.

Stop thinking all together, and start feeling your whim.


We are one with the Universe, and therefore one with ourselves.

The Universe happens to be us, and we happen to be the Universe itself.

So clear the ego; clear the mind.

Clear all that puts you in a bind.


Now unwind.

Align yourself with all that is, and all that is not.

For you are leaving this box.

On a journey to answering this little paradox.






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Our world


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