What If I Had A Clearer View????


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God knew we were all going to be created one of those 7 days

Looking at Adam and Eve,as the first,made the world change

Maybe,with an 100 percent change,being disabled didn't blur my glance

Who knows what could be possible into you step into that person's shoes??

Look at yourself,slap yourself,to wake up from that dreary midnight booze.

What if we traded places?? Would you continue to remain voiceless??

Next time when you see someone that may not be the same as you..

Make sure you reach out and lend a helping hand

Trust me,now when you walk upright like a tower when you stand!!!!

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No,not all things might not be clear to us!! Maybe we might not understand a lesson that is being taught or whatever else the situation may be.We have to realize as we go from day to day,that the world is made up of more than one different thing.If the people in the world were atoms,that will really explain why we are,who we are!!!

-Taleya Turner,poet of ''What If I Had A Clearer View??''

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