What I want to say on a daily basis

I don't care who you are

you need to read this

or let me tell you

so you can hear it for yourself


Hi, my name is Beautiful

which just happens to be who I am

and the words I'm going to use right now

are very similar to my name


I love you.

Yes, you.

Not the you  behind you

or to the left or right of you.


You, yes, I see you

and know in your heart I love you

I want you, who is reading these words

that I mean with all my heart


I want you to see

and hear these words in your mind

I want you to hear

and see these words surround you with love


I'm going to confide

in you, my truest love

that I am crying right now

chose to believe me or not is your choice


Two days ago something happened

I put my head on your shoulder

and as I was in the middle of thinking how much I love you

I snorted


No, this isn't a letter to a person

this is for you, yes


if you could stop doubting that it's you I'm talking to that'd be great


I snorted

"What if Mussolini was a pasta?"

and I laughed harder than I should've

it wasn't even that funny


I laughed for a straight three minutes

and at one point

I wasn't laughing anymore

I was crying


You can think

'Oh, she must be one of those emoional people then'

and yes, hello,

my name is also Emotion


Everything I love cries.

Everything I touch is going to cry.

I don't care that you're seven or eighty six

I'm crying over you right now.


Everything I love cries.

I love you.

I love you with all my heart.

I hope you sob into your pillow tonight.


Because my goal for you

yes you,

If you could stop doubting please

I love you


My goal for you is to change your name to Beautiful

to change your name to Emotion

to realize who you are

to become Love.


I Love you

I want to tell you

I need to

I don't care who you are


I see you,

stop hiding me in your own ideas

if you're going to remember one thing from today

Let it be that you are loved


I didn't put my head on your shoulder two days ago

no, I didn't, you who doubts

we both know that

but I hope that when you're done


The only thing I want you to never forget, my love,

is when you're done

we both know that I love who I put my head on

and I love you just as much


It is my turn to doubt

that anyone will actually read this through

Anyone will believe that I'm actually talking to them

anyone will believe how hard I'm crying


Hi, my name is Beautiful

My name is also Emotion

and Daughter, and Love, and Care

And Hope, and Realization, and


Hello, my name is Cry.

Everything I love cries

that's why I cried for the first time

two days ago

This poem is about: 
Our world


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