What I Need From You

I try not to let many things bother me, but in truth I am triggered rather easily

I hate being left on read

I hate when people assume a spoken word I have not said

I wait in long lines because I hate when others cut in front

I am different

I won't text back becasue my book is too good

I laugh at men who claim they can't change 'cause of the hood

I refuse to change myself for the pleasure of a man 

I can't stand when girls compare and think "I am less than"

The equation of true beauty is a simple one to solve

Subtract the doubt from your courage

And add some love, that's all

I am not bothered by the men who take the time to take me out

Who can listen and comprehend the words coming out of my mouth

See women talk for many reasons some of yall won't understand

And sometimes I speak my truth just as loud because I can 

But women speak to pass the knowledge passed down by ancient hands

From lullabies to sacred tales of the clouds and the land

I once loved a man who was rather fond of me

Held close the things I said and responded immediately 

I thought to myself, "This is great," and smiled with glee

I became flustered when he up and stopped talking to me

Getting to know of each other thru voice and video phone

He asked for pictures I would send 

Until I stopped, he left me alone

He left my state of mind all sad and confused 

Took me a while to realize it was I who had been used

See now I've learned a lesson 

Assured identity

I'm an independent black woman

You can't get over on me

A thickened skin I've grown to wear

So don't you dare try to put me down 

Try to convince me to want something I'l never need

How's this sound

Hey baby, how you been

Let me give you some of this

Dick you down spin you 'round

A total state of bliss

Don't tell me you don't miss the tug and pull of your hair

Spred your legs and lay on back let me show you how I care

Because it's fair for me to get way more out of this than you 

Sex is what YOU NEED to forget what you going thru

I mean, yeah, it's true

You sure ain't got no food

But stop asking for rides

Just let me get you in the mood

Now let me stop to ask yall, do I look like a fool

I didn't think so either

I'm over the idea of being a people pleaser

What I need from you ain't got shit to do with sex

I could pleasure myself where it the cause of my unrest

So unless you come correct with the head of a real man

I have no use for ignorance, your body, or your hands

What I want from a man comes from no elaborate list

All I'm telling you is you'll have to work for this






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