what i have learned since i saw the ceiling

a list of all the things i`ve learned 

since the sun came up and i could see the ceiling.

my whole life i lived in darkness thinking it was light,

like that old philosopher with his cave, right was wrong and wrong was right.

thinking i was the only one,

i struggled through the dark deep night.

what i was taught was emptiness,

empty praise and excuses.

to the god above without a gender

who we always called father.

all the saints and doctors- men.

and the women- virgins, mothers, or nuns-

but you had to research to find them.

the religion that my parents practiced,

the church where i grew up,

only men could be the priests

only men could receive the sacrament.

women`s place was in the home

to feed the husband, to bear the children, to raise the children.

to be faithful, to be holy, to be pure and spotless.

i was told that i needed to save myself for my husband

that my body was a gift only intended for him

intercourse is intended for the bonds of marriage, to produce children.

my body is not my own.

rather, shall i refer to it as his body?

save myself to be branded by his hands, by the noose of his tie.

and speaking of branding, what happens to me,

a spirit living in this body,

when it is branded by another?

what happens to me now that ive been used by another, however i protested

am i merely a piece of property

a deed to a land to be transferred from hand to hand

i have never even had my own last name

the women who came before me have never had their own last name

all of this i didnt know and more.

i didnt know i was assaulted until 7 months after it happened

i didnt know there was a woman named Ruth Bader Ginsberg until 2 months ago

i didnt know that women got the right to vote in 1920

i didnt know anything about the womens movement or feminists

except for that they were evil, sinful women who murdered babies.

i didnt know there was any such thing as the equal rights amendment

i didnt know that it hasnt been ratified yet.

i didnt know how my own body worked.

i didnt know that women are still paid less than men.

all of these things.

i couldnt see the glass ceiling because i was kept in the dark.

and now, the day has dawned

now i can see

now, i have begun to learn all these things

now, i will change the world.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



You are not a deed to a land to be transferred from hand to hand as promiscuity causes. Stay safe and healthy with one man and make sure he does too. I like the way you enlist the past traditions of male dominated societies and cultures, some practices remain. 

You wrote a great awesome poem about women's issues. Kudos.


plz pleez do drop by to read and comment under my newest poem too.  Such thoughts interaction via comments feel warm in this cold world so we can be all be friends.

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