What I Didn't Know

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 03:56 -- Hezii44

What they don't tell you about growing up is that you sometimes have to do things alone. 

Once you turn 18, it goes from "honey, how can I help?" to "Well, figure it out you're grown.". 


When it comes to College, odds are you may need to apply for a loan; or two, or three.

Because as it turns out, College ain't free.


This was something that wasn't unbeknownst to me but seeing that $48,000 bill was quite a thrill.

It gives me chills thinking about this oncoming debt that I can't seem to quell.


"Oh well" screams the people who are already in debt, don't sweat it they say.

"Hey! I've been paying on my loans for the past 10 years and I'll keep paying them till the day I die".


I cry, thinking about the little boy who beat on his chest and ran with the rest as they aimlessly frailed and frocked about.

Often times, he would shout and pout when he didn't get his way.


Someone should've told him once he grew up he would rarely get the chance to play.

With all the ups and downs of the world, things may seem grey but nay! Says the boy who's now a man.


I can! create a plan to tackle this debt.

There's no need to fret for I will defeat this threat and live my life at its best.


This test may cause stress.

And when I want to rest, I think about how I'm blessed to have come so far.


It may be hard! but I can do it!

It ain't nothin to it. See, what I didn't know then, that I know now.


Is how proud you feel when you work hard and make it to the end.

And I tend to overlook all the things that I've done.


I've already won, but I've just begun!!

For I have yet to reach my full potential.


It could be detrimental if I don't reach all my exponential future achievements.

You better believe it! I can reach it.


The teachers they teach, the preachers they preach it. One of the biggest things that I didn't know.

Was if I beseech it, I can go far in life.


The pain, the strife it's worth it alright because at the end of the night.

Though it may cause fright, I know that I can't simply say nope.


What I didn't know then, that I know now is Never Give Up on Hope!


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