What i cant say

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 16:01 -- Deshey


Mr. or Mrs. i dont know who

Walking into my school saying i know you.. do you really?

Saying "Hey kids i know were your from."

Saying you want to change the world that you want to save all the ghetto boys and girls.

We are the future yes we know

It is on my sholders and as I grow i feel it in the eyes of my mother

I see it when i look down into the eyes of my sister and brother 

But you come in here trying to change it up telling me i am enough

Am i really what do you even know of me 

Do you see the hate that flows through me 

Do you see my mother disapointed in me because of the evil girl i have grown to be

I am not who you think i am i am not who u want me to be 

So next time please dont walk through my school

Walking around acting like you know whats good

Im that young kid growing up in the hood the one that might not amount to sh*t

But you coming through might not change it 

So here i end it Mr. and Mrs. change the world you dont know me 

And you probably cant change the world



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