What I Am

I am a girl,

But I am not defined by my sex,

Nor Am I defined by my race,

I am defined by my personality,

I am defined by the legacy i leave behind,

I refuse to be that scared little girl,

Because I know that's not who I am,

I am an Artist,

I am a poet,

I am a human being,

But most of all I am a lover of animals,

I write for their rights since they dont have a voice,

I write because there is so much pain and devastation in this world, that needs to be brought to light,

I write because our people are being killed everyday in these streets,

Babies,black men and women,

When will the violence end,

When will the world be better for the next generation,

I am a writer for all,

I am a writer for justice and that's all I ever will be.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



wow....we definitely need more people like you. I too am a huge lover of animals and my one aspiration is to change the way people view the world.

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