What I Am


What I Am

by Jadon Brown


What more do I have than what I am?

An incomplete vessel in the hands of the potter,

Struggling against his guidance, inflicting pain and creating imperfections.

I will never be perfect for him,

He has intentions for me that are based on sound judgment,

He wants to mold me into a masterpiece.


What more do I have than who I am?

A mere man lacking in self-confidence,

Striving to obtain something unique in a world that is seeking variety.

I can never be more than myself,

A curious kid with nothing more than a dream,

A man with many talents, but a master of none.


What more can I receive than what I give?

Selfishness and servitude at war within,

Seeking the aid of my peers, but afraid and unwilling to give of myself.

In fear of my kindness being taken for granted,

In fear of only having friends for favors.


What more can I love than what I have?

My true family found in foreign blood,

Valuing those who love without obligation, sincere, loving hearts.

They understand and respect my love for them,

They share that love for me.


What more can I understand than what I see?

I am neither the sharpest nor the dullest,

Seeking only that which can be applied, not thrown about in vanity.

Why fish for the approval of others?

Why compromise myself?


What more can I be than myself?

A man who loves to be loved,

Pursuing a fulfilling, spontaneous life with the people that matter most.

I will never turn down something new,

I will always look forward.


I can only be me, nothing more…just ME.

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