What Happened?

As he look into the pool of eternal darkness he wondered what would come from that darkness. If he touched it, would all disappear? what would be revealed? what would come of it? It was so still, so calm, so full of mystery. What was he doing, endlessly drifting in this light? Was he doomed here forever? He longed to be part of the dark pool, to float in it’s surrealness, to share in it’s peace. But would he come to miss the light? would he then drown in his own desire for change? Suppose his entrapment hurt all he loved? Would they suffer for his want? He cared deeply about those that soured in the light, but he mourned for the darkness in it’s bitter loneliness. He thought hour after hour and day after day and year after year and era after era. Until he stuck the tip of his finger into the pool, and then and there... forever and anon... Light and Dark knew each other.






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