what god has done this

oh my lord, what have you done

you brought her into this world and took her out with a gun?


jesus christ, my father, what was accomplished here

when that bullet went in and out the other ear?


oh god, mighty lord, why cause her such pain

why allow her to live in continuous rain?


my father, my savior, how come it was she

who you chose to endour these storms in this sea? 


mighty glory in heaven we dont understand

why put hr on this earth then take her out with her own hand?



just thought this needed an eplination. this kindof came out of no where, but it turned into what maybe symbolises someones desperate prayers for tan explination of a loved ones suicide. they have lived their whole life looking to their god for help and support and when they see that that god has taken away one of the most precious people in their life, they begin to question the intention, or even existance of him. if you read please comment feedback and analizations :)

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