What The Future Holds

dear future me, 


what the future holds, i do not know, for there is still so much to learn

i know of so many feelings that i have yet to yearn 

whether it be happiness, discontent, love, or sadness

but my only concern right now seems to be to stave off the madness.

for you, you have already grown up and seen the world for what it is

so tell me, is it nice? is it everything we thought it would be? 

have we felt pure joy like we thought we would?

have we felt the misery we knew was inevitable? 

have we soared to the highest of highs? have we stooped to the lowest of lows?

future me, do you feel like you have lived as i have once imagined you would?

have we done the things we wanted to as children?

have we accomplished the things we desired as adults?

have we forged our own path in life as we always promised ourselves we would?

future me, if you have done these things, do not let me know

i must find out for myself 


chris nguyen



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