What does it mean

I was promised yesterday that tomorrow will bring better luck and brighter skies,

The hero lives and the villain dies,

We’ll find hope in the lost child’s eyes,

We’ll uncover everything once disguised

We’ll find truth in a world of lies,

And wipe the tears of the child who cries,

Because in a world where only the perfect bird flies,

The acceptance of others has been denied,

We all saw the tears but never heard the cries,

We all saw the pain but slowly watched them die.

And as their laughter grew even stronger,

And the torment lasted even longer,

I remember the promises of yesterday.

I was promised that the sunshine of tomorrow would wash the rain away
But if tomorrow never come and all the promises of yesterday lie dormant in the dreams of others that we’ve borrowed,

Then yesterday was destroyed because of false hopes for tomorrow.

Because what you see is not what you get,

And just because time may pass doesn’t mean ill forget.

Because roses are red and so are the eyes of the single mother,

Violets are blues but aren’t we all when we lose a father.

Sugar is sweet but words can be sour,

And sour words burn deep on the wrist of the broken teenage girl.

What a crazy world,

What a crazy world.

We fear what we aren’t and sometimes even what we are,

It seems we drive for days upon days only to find we haven’t gone far.

We look for songs in the rain,

And a reason to take the blame,

For all the ridicule and the shame,

We look for reasons to deny our name,

And hopefully start again,

Because nothing will ever be the same,

I guess life really is a game.

A game where no one is an absolute winner,

And even the preacher is the ultimate sinner,

And no one provides help for life’s beginners.

A game where even the brightest hour of our darkest day is nothing to remember.

Yes lord I hurt for that little boy,

Who’s heard promised of tomorrow’s joy.

I pray for that little girl,

Who was promised a better world.

I sympathize with the broken mother,

Who struggles to raise her daughter.

I’d kill to help the father of one,

Help him set an expel for his son.

Lord I pray to make their family whole.

Because a family that prays sees brighter days


And a family that cries washes out some of the lies


We can only hope.

But hope is a word of the future

And the future lies in tomorrow

And even if tomorrow comes it’ll only be today

And we make our promises of tomorrow today

And yesterday becomes the past

Tomorrow has come at last

But now where is the hope

The hope that was promised for tomorrow,

I mean today,

I mean yesterday,

I mean then,

I mean now,

I mean wait.

We’ve found ourselves trapped within this endless cycle of what life can be,

And we can’t focus on tomorrow because tomorrow never comes and we,

Base our dreams on who we are and where we’re from but see,

We won’t leave this earth until our jobs are surely done and me,

I’ll continue to fight until this battle is truly won let’s be,

The power that lifts the nation,

The word of God to the congregation,

An open door towards our salvation,

Let’s take a step towards innovation.

Because not even the bluest of eyes,


Is enough to provide a disguise,

Over what’s ignorance and what’s wise.

And not even the biggest of lips

Or the widest of hips

Can take us back to lessons that we’ve skipped,

And provide us with knowledge that we’ve missed.

Instead let us save our dying children,

From the torment of hurting children,

Who’ve been idolized by bitter children,

Because of the slanders towards helpless children,

And the children who see those children,

But won’t help because they’re just children,

And the parents who raised those children,

Who cared for and love those children,

Now sit home without their children.

Because sticks and stones may break every bone

But words can kill a soul,

And tears are shed

And every cut has bled,

Now the torment has reached its goal.

And I could go on and on until all breath is gone,

But my words are pointless unless something is done,

Every soldier must fight until this battle is won,

And soon we’ll all look forward to the rays of the morning sun,

And I’ll be life’s soldier until kingdom comes………..

To be continued.

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