What Do I Do?

A teardrop on my keyboard

An extra heartbeat in my chest

How did this happen?

What do I do?

Shaking fingers clutching the blanket

A short breath escaping my lips

Do I need help?

What do I do?

Eyes closed from the world

Complete darkness around me

Why does it have to be me?

What do I do?

Hair tangled against my ears

Teeth grinding in my mouth

Why today?

What do I do?

I get up and stumble upon my own feet

My hand gripping the wall, white knuckles

I don’t deserve this.

What do I do?

My back against the wall

Descending to the floor slowly

How do I get out of this?

What do I do?

A dark storm cloud partying in my head

Tears rolling down my cheek, the taste of salt

Not again.

What do I do?

My head buried in blankets

My hands ice cold

Do I need to disappear from the world?

What do I do?

A gentle hand touches my shoulder

I look up, a familiar but distant face

What’s wrong, friend?

What do I do… to help?

The storm cloud dissolves slowly

Tears continue faster

How do I explain?

What do I do?

A warm being at my side

Friendly arms around me

Why are they doing this?

What do I do?

Tears dried up, all gone

Muscles aching, fatigue at it’s worst

I’m here for you friend.

Whenever you need me,

A smile plays on my lips

The arms never leave, keeping me together.

Thank you.

I know what to do.

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