What is attraction? Don't know yet...


What is attraction? Don't know yet..
Flowers I like all, 
Yet don't drag my mind,
Rose a flower I like the most,
Draws my heart and soul,
Was it odour or look touched my heart,
Is its virtues seduced to keel?
Why all flowers didn't drag me as rose?
Is it sensual gratification needed by all?
Is it scent or touch charms us all?
What is attraction? Don't know yet...
Attraction alone can't drag us all!
Must match temper and soul,
That arouses emotions so adore...
A question still in mind,
What is attraction? Don't know yet...
A girl with smiling face, 
When crosses my home,
Romanticizes soul, pumps my blood on,
Rouses emotions and melts my heart,
Makes me flow in imaginary "Love."
Addicts me watch and dream for long,
Showers of melody when she talks,
Her exotic smell sparks senses of mine, 
Feel like in heaven with my love,
What is it that coerces me? 
Why I dream adorning her? 
Why not others drag me as much?
Is it attraction of her smile?
Touched my soul, Knelt me adore,
What is attraction? Don't know yet...
Roses when dry fall on ground, 
No one cares to adore or love,
Attraction when fades, Relation falls in sour,
None cares with no emotional spur,
What is attraction? Don't know yet...
Why bees attracted to flowers?
Enamoured when sit on them,
Bees take nectar, transfer pollen too,
Isn't this two way attraction?
"You get something when you give,"
Rely each other for fulfilment, 
"Live for each other." 
"Meant for each other."
Isn't this a two way love, 
Gratifies them both,
What is attraction? Don't know yet...
What philosophy I learned from this,
Each one has something to lure,
May suit you or another,
Emotions arouser is attraction,
"Be attractive to attract." And
"Be attractive to get attracted."
A phenominal "Attraction" keeps all touched. 
© Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved


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