What are you supposed to get a dying relationship for Christmas?

What are you supposed to get a dying relationship for Christmas?

I wish rekindling this flame was as simple as Kwanza,

But our candles are down to the black baby, Wakanda

But I’m kinda still In love with you

So I thought long and hard to make sure that whatever I bought, wouldnt be forgotten 

First, I bought a chain, actually its the third one I’ve bought but the third times the charm right?

Second, I bought a blanket, hoping that this would be used for warmth instead of another woman

Third, I bought a calendar. 

Now this wasn’t any old 12 month, 365 days a year calendar no this was OUR calendar.

The front said “our year” it had our pictures

Our faces

Our happy smiles,

Ready to see what this year had to offer our dying relationship

And while everyone told me it was cute and a sweet idea I really made this calendar as a last resort. To prove to you that this was in fact our year, that I did want to spend this year with you and that I wasnt lying when I said whatever I bought, wouldn’t be forgotten because now when you plan out your days you’re forced to look at us. What we had before you threw it all away. 

And maybe you did throw away the chain, and replaced it with another woman’s arms around your neck.

Maybe the blanket is now shared with another girl as you lie under and dream about your future together but baby

This calendar, and these memories

Can not be shared by anyone who isnt us. 

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These were our days, but I guess our time is up. 

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