What am I?

What am I?

I am a black rose in a field of yellow daisies

I am a tiger in a pride of lions

I am a fire next to the ocean

I dont belong


I am an emotional wreck and wildly beautiful

I am the rap song at a country concert

I am a hard worker and a lazy slob


I am a contradiction


I am a white dress at someone elses wedding

I am the wrong body at the right funeral

I am a semi truck on a one way road

I am an accedent waiting to happen


I am a raintorm in the desert

I am a snowstorm in India

I am a 100 degree day in Alaska

I am rare 


I am the one who wants you to learn from my experiences 

I am an example of what happens to children who grow up with an angry dad and a stepmom who owned a lot of foundation

I am an anxiety prone, self sustaining, somewhat talented teenager

I am me


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