What am I

What am I

I am a person

A girl

A friend

A daughter

I have a face and a body

I have hands and legs and arms

But what am I

I am a mind

Filled to the brim with thoughts

I am a dream

Shaking with anticipation

I am living

With a soul

Yet I am empty

What am I

I am lost and afraid

I am unsure

I am flawed yet I still try

To prove what I am

But still I sit and ask what I am

I am told that I am naïve

That I am gullible and innocent

I am told that I am good

That I am perfect

I am told that I am not enough

But what am I

Sometimes when I close my eyes

I imagine what I want to be

I see a face

A smile

And an emotion

An emotion of joy

And I should feel happy

But I just cry

Because what am I

I am not a smile

What am I

I am not joy

What am I

I am darkness

Not evil, just lost

Just empty and scared

You ask me what am I

And I answer

I am a face

A smile

A shell

Beautiful on the outside

Empty within

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