We've Had Enough

                                                We’ve Had Enough

                                              By: Wardah Elghazali


A child lay on the ground dejected

His mother lifeless on his lap rejected

His body trembling, the tears endlessly flowing

Overwhelmed by the lives affected

The streets opened as people walked by

A glimpse to the left, a glimpse to the right as they let out a sigh

Their hearts burning, their bodies cold

Their eyes dry from the stories untold


Will the lost unknown lives be acknowledged?

Their endless cries echoing from underneath

The heavy pain of guilt condensing the body to the point that they can’t breath

They stared at the bodies, contemplating their future

To be able to live it would be an endless torture


The stories need to be considered and heard

They cannot be buried forever

The history written by the victorious has made fools of the ones that buried the real treasure


Beneath the lies that triggered the violence

Beneath the violence that disrupted the silence

You find defiance that has been overshadowed by compliance


Will society wake up from the never-ending fantasy?

Will they be able to realize the vain and harshness of reality?
Or will they sleep blanketed by superficial safety and prosperity?

Their heads cushioned on layers of imposed dreams,

A cover of ignorance, knitted with threads of lies


Come back to your senses,

Possess and control all five once more

Your eyes have the power to realize the real lies

Your ears have the power to omit the lies

Your mouth has the power to silence the lies

And your heart has the power to seek the truth


Invisible forces have controlled us

Through the bitter and the sweet, they have watched us

Forcing evil upon the men of God

Hoping we slip off our paths, but the struggles have taught us

They have taught us to look beyond the spectrum of false blatant forced beliefs


We’ve had enough

It’s time to make a change!



This poem is about: 
Our world





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