We're Out


United States
29° 18' 13.6692" N, 98° 24' 26.8452" W

We can't wait for it to get here, but when it's here it quickly goes away.
Reality smacks us in the face when we realize we can't hold on to it.
How quickly we grew in four years, friends gained and lost, our knowledge furthered, looking at everything around us and realizing that it will not be as easy out there as it is in here.
Social status, things you wear, where you shop at, your car, your friends, your significant others all won't mean a thing after you walk that stage.
Is it good? Did we do all we could? Was i prepared properly? Am I truly ready?
Who knows unless we try, despite the fears, tears and cries.
Get out there with all that might, fight and light our future cause its not our parents and friends that need it, but us and future generations to continue prospering after we do all we could like generations before us.
So let us go out with heads held high.


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