We're Incognizant Of Each Other's Love

At first, I felt a spark of love for Aisha.

Now it feels like a burning flame.

I’m becoming more and more attached to her.

We talk about this and that,

But she hasn’t told me the most important thing.

And I haven’t said the chief thing I want say.

She’s unaware of my feelings for her.

And I don’t know whether or not she loves me.

I’ll wait because it pays to be patient.

Time will reveal the way I feel about her.


Aisha is such a vivacious young lady.

The night she shared her songbook with me,

Something made me love her.

I don’t know what it was,

But I wonder if it made her love me too.

I’d be so delighted to marry her.

And I’d certainly make her a happy wife.

She’s a polite and amusing person.

Every time I talk to her, I lose control of myself.

Is there something the matter with me?


She entertains me with singing and drama.

And I concentrate on her performances.

Perhaps if I try to kiss her, I’ll spoil our fun.

I guess I shouldn’t rush things,

She’ll find out that I love her sooner or later.

I’ve never met someone so exhilarating.

Her etiquette is admirable.

We’re incognizant of each other’s love,

Yet we hug each other with fondness.

Does she think I love her as I think she loves me?


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