well damn

This is why I don’t have time for niggas in the first place
This is why I'm called the nigga with no feelings, no heart, no emotions
Ice cold, and bitter, full of myself and soulless
Cus I turned my back for not one month but three days and you already stepping down on another broad
Not too long ago I had you panicking cus your heart? I robbed.
Telling me you wanted me, please don’t be mad
Cus the picture that was sent to me with you and a frizzle hugged up was pretty bad
You didn’t even know though, while you was creeping, I never put my line on hold
Ashleigh’s tryout list was on ten-fold, now don’t get bold
You had me though, how long have we been talking? A year or so?
I started getting soft and shit
Let go of all my hoes and even called it quits
Damn I turned into a bitch
If all you wanted was a nut bust you should’ve just let me know
Wasting my time and making a performance like it’s an Apollo show
And this is why I don’t have time for niggas now
Cus when you down and out they don’t raise anything but an eyebrow
And move on to the next one, but I understand
Next time won’t happen, there will be no again
So go slang that thang and have fun my nigga, but when Ash’s tryouts roll back around, I’ll have my finger on Cupid’s trigger


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