Welcome to the United States

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Amerikkka- That’s spelled with three K’s.


I pledge allegiance to the flag

that hides lynchings and crusades behind “God hates fags”


I pledge allegiance to the death of “them here islamics”.

Drop a few bombs? better make them atomic.


I pledge allegiance to the supremacist society that keeps our whites beating their reds until they are blue.

The country that uses me as a tool.

The country that should at least have enough food...


I pledge allegiance to Columbus Day- and the pillaging of my people-

Before the fifth of May.


The land of the free

... Unless you’re a gay.


I pledge allegiance to death row,

the oppression of minorities, and yes, Jim Crow.

“Obama is a terrorist, Don’t you know?”

Enslave us, then force us into ‘Da ghetto’.


I pledge allegiance to the death of those damn thugs,

“just go get a job, just stop doing drugs!”


Liberals are indoctrinating our children and making them dumb!
Take away their food stamps, but don’t touch our guns.


I pledge allegiance every 28 hours

So many deaths, there’s not enough flowers


I pledge to remember to not wear a hood

because one day that gunshot could get me for good


I pledge to the white guys who wrote the constitution,

making it so easy to tear down this institution


Brown V. Board, Roe V. Wade

Someday a more perfect union will be made

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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