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Profile: Hello!

I enjoy literature, comic books,

And nerdy T.V. shows.

I like to swim, dance, hike, and draw.

My name is Ariel.


She whispers in my ear when

My father says “Get a job.”

Her voice is one I listen to, often.


She trails soft fingers down my spine when

I step outside my bedroom door.

Her hands are those I feel, often.


The first date went well!

Her presence made me nervous

And I spilled my drink,

But I think she liked me.


She pinches at my stomach when

A friend invites me to the mall

Her abuse is one that I'm victim of, often.


She shouts into my ears when

I think of any future

Her clingy hold is one I try to shake, often.


I think things are getting pretty serious!

She's started managing my friends

And sending darting eyes to strangers.

She's pretty possessive.


She slaps a red rash into my skin when

I stand in front of you to speak.

Her burning passion is on I cry about, often.


She digs her nails into my palms when

I smile at the boy in my history class.

Her jealousy is one that leaves marks, often.


Profile: Hello!

I enjoy darkness, blankets, baggy clothes,

And quiet voices.

I like to cry, sulk, worry, and sleep.

My name is Anxiety.


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