Wed, 07/30/2014 - 21:12 -- rook




When we enter this world, it’s the first word we hear

Though it may seem simple, its meaning’s not clear


“Of course it is!”

You will say

“It means I’m accepted in every way.”


How welcome am I?

We are told and we are taught that we are all welcome

You and I the same


But what of others?


“What others?”

You will say


I speak of those who go by they

I speak of those not truly he

I speak of those no longer she

I speak of course of those unknown

And of those who are clearly shown

I speak of those who aren’t from here

I speak of those born very near

I speak of the dark, the light, the in between

Those with soft voices and those who scream

I speak of those in a house of stained glass

I speak of those beaten, the ones you call trash

I speak of those that believe in your lies

I speak of those with truth in their eyes

I speak of those who hope for a change

I speak of those who remain the same

I speak of those suppressed and chained

I speak of those who change their name

I speak for those with a simple goal

And those who refuse their given role

I speak of those who fought and failed

When they knew what war entailed

Of those who are hungry for life, not greed

Who respect the earth, the sky, and the sea

I speak of those who so readily forgive

And those who died, but continue to live

I speak of those who preach in rhyme

Even when their views are far from mine


Do you see now?

Or must I continue

I was not welcomed

Not by you

You never tried to understand what I knew

I speak not for anyone but myself

But I’m sure those I mentioned feel the same too

My welcome was empty

Not quite like yours

Though I heard the same word

Yours opened more doors

Behind your mirthful tune you mask your intent

And promise consolation if I forget and repent

But I see through your lies, your blasphemous song

Who are you to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong?

I blindly follow neither messiah nor man

I shape my own path with outstretched hands

And welcome myself into this world

Albeit the greeting is long overdue


So, how welcome am I?

We are told and we are taught that we are all welcome

You and I the same


But what of others?


“Once again…”

This time with some thought, I hope you will say

“It means you’re accepted in every way.”


It’s not your fault, the words were all there

You only needed the true meaning to understand what’s fair




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