Weird Feelings

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

Why was I looking at him again?

I have to tell myself to stop,

But nothing was working.


I saw him at school everyday.

We were just friends

So I couldn’t understand

Why I was feeling this way.


Sometimes he caught me looking at him,

He’d give me a smile,

I would get red and look away,

Why do I like him this way?


One day alone,

I walked to my class.

He came up next to me,

I began to panic.


He asked, “Do you like me?”

Was that it?

Was that was I was feeling?

Was I feeling love?


I wasn't sure how to answer

I stayed quiet.

He then said, “Because I like you.”

My heart made a flip.


Of course I was feeling love!

He made me smile,

I replied, “Yes!,

Sorry I took a while.”


From that day on,

I knew my feelings were good

I was a free bird in the sky.

Everything was fine.


So now were together,

Our lives spent with each other,

And all because,

Of those weird feelings.


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