Weathering the Storm Together

Rocking back and forth

Waves crash and rain pounds

He is asleep in the cabin, unwoken

Alone, sea churns hammering the sturn

Tangled ropes of the sail & rigging

Knots upon knots,  I struggle

Water weighs down, slowly sinking

The wind shrieks, wailing in response

Down below he stirs, disturped by my howling


Slipping, rain dripping

Caught, he’s there


Storm pulling at my seams

Four hands, rigging and ropes

The sail opens, the wind screams

Comfort, his presence brings

Rain slowing slightly, it seems


Centered, snapping back to present

Calm, only he can induce


Buckets of water poured back into the sea

Only him and me, take a deep breath

Tear soaked, I fall in his arms

Shared glance & small smile

Rain lightens in the meanwhile


Peace, it has past

Survive, I am alive


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