A Wearisome Year

This years mighty tough, rough on my luck
Forced to keep up, but cold to the touch
Holding my tongue and counting my tears
But I have no cheer, what a wearisome year

Diagnosis came, flames burned from within
Licked my skin so I ran and hid
His cancer came back with intent to attack
Then in the tension I'm diagnosed with depression

Past that is shame and pain in my mind
I'm learning to try with the child inside
She sits and she cries, she begs and she writhes
But I never grew out so she'll never not pout

My ghost has been hurting, yearning for peace
My soul damaged, and fighting for lease
But my heart must resist and my energy's mist
I was fighting to live, but now to exist

I know I will make it, one day I won't fake it
Until then I stay with little to say
It's hard to dodge fears, few dare come near
But I will have cheer past this wearisome year

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