We Were Just Friends


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Dear first love,

We were just friends. Nothing much to say about that. And if I had the chance, I promise I would probably go back. I should've never told you how I felt about you. I wanted more, or maybe I was selfish and my heart felt sore. I was only but so young and I did 't know a thing about love. But I knew about friendships and who could be watching us from up above. I'm sorry and I should've kept my mouth closed. I apologize that you were my first love and you still don't even know. Yes, you hurt me, but that was all my fault. You were just a friend who didn't really notice anything or my fall. I watched you chase other girls, and they ended up destroying your world. I wanted to hold your hand and acknowledge the fact that you were hurt. I'm not sure if you cried much or just chose the worst. I can't tell you exactly why I really liked you anyway. Maybe because you were smart and knew more than other people in the first place. Turns out I'm a bit of a sapiosexual.Your intelligence intrigued me with all that you knew, so it makes sense that you were an intellectual. Whether it was the school subjects or what humans could do, you knew more than most dudes. You were in my life for what seemed like such a short amount of time. Oh, those days of middle and early high school, all I could do was glance at you and then sigh. Why would I waste my breath on something that felt forbidden? All I would say is, "Who am I kidding?" Maybe being friends was a good place for us. But we don't talk anymore because I don't necessarily ride your bus, or have anything we could genuinely discuss. You actually stopped associating with me and I wondered why. "Because he got new and better friends. He's no longer shy." All the stuff you told me, I still hold in my heart and mind. We were merely just friends, and I wish I was back in that simple little time.



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