We walk around, seeing the


We walk around, seeing the faces of people we think we know.

When in reality, we don't know them at all. 

Although, we claim we know them.

"Yes, she's the perfect girl. Glamerous life, beautiful, smart, funny, she is perfect from every angle."

Do they really know, though?

Hmm..I would say no. 

They don't see things from my angle. 

I wake up as me.

Then comes the Hot Iron; I need to straigten my natural waves.

The Makeup; I must hide the blemishes, lengthen my lashes, line my eyes.

The Clothing; I wear the ones that cannot show the unwanted curves. 

Then out the door I go. 

Jaws drop, whistles blown, and compliments thrown. 

Really though, they aren't for me.

They are for the Facade I put on each day. 

That's only me.

What's her facade? Does he wear a mask as well?

We all hide what nature made us. 

Imperfect humans are what we are. 

But no, we need to cover that up with the perfection we want to be.

Even if that means we are no longer ourselves. 

I am no longer ME.


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