We the Same


Rochdale Village
United States
Windows painted with no brush
Secrets revealed but on the hush
Clothes on but see through
Vest on but bullet thrushes u
Dead but alive
Wave hi but saying goodbye
Shoes tied but still trip
Didn't fight but busted lip
Rich but don't eat
Eyes closed but not sleep
Heart beating but it's broke
Laughed but didn't get the joke
Cancer but never smoked cigarettes 
Happily married but have regrets
Teacher but u never learned
Near the sun but didn't burn
Have a car but mostly walk
Completely deaf but still talk
Was in love but divorced
Having sex but it was forced 
Corrupted but a legal judge
Antisocial but wants a hug
Mirror shattered but reflection clear
Completely drunk but still steer 
At funeral but not a tear
Have plenty but never share
Been spotted but it's a mirage
Antonyms of life with no regards.
Guide that inspired this poem: 



Problems of life can appear as a mirage sometimes


This poem represents  real life and real life speaks for itself and does not need to be defined.

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