We Need a Change!

America’s education system is defective,

Kids lack the motivation to graduate,

Teacher’s passion for teaching is muted,

We are surpassed by less developed nations.

In our hurried, modern world,

American students are not prepared to secure jobs,

Are not prepared to support themselves,

And thus America will pile on more debt.

The situation seems pretty grim,

So education must be transformed,

If America’s democracy is to prosper

Into the coming centuries.

We cannot just sit by and let this occur,

Curriculum needs to be changed,

So that students can learn more, faster,

To keep up with the pace set by the rest of the world.

Science, engineering, and technology,

Should continue to be celebrated,

So we can begin to fight for the jobs,

That have been taken by innovative foreigners.

We need to harness the power of American minds,

To make use of the American pioneering spirit,

That has brought us into the world stage,

We must act; before we are forced to take a seat.


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