We Must Protect Ourselves

I look upon the world,

I see violence.

Boom, smash, rattle, crash

Then silence.

Everyone is seeking a way to fast cash

Power or both,

Not realizing we need each other the most



Until people start seeing that

We must protect ourselves.

Bad people are running around with a gat

Instead of looking to the bookshelves

To further their knowledge.

Now, we are faced with carnage.



We must protect ourselves.

We must use our Second Amendment right.

We must find it within ourselves to delve

Through the tools of our enemies and put up a good fight.

For if we do not and allow them to walk over us,

We will quickly place ourselves within a bus,



The stops will be regret, misery and suffering.

So please, help me, yourself and your family-end this crime ring.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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