We Danced Once

I danced with you once

My friend pulled us together, and we asked each other to dance at the same time

I don't remember the song, or what we were wearing

But I remember your blue-green eyes wide with shock and surprise

When I told you I was moving this week

I don't remember swaying to the music

But I remember how our hands fit together almost perfectly

Fingers clasped, not sweaty or shaky or loose

I don't remember what we talked about

But I remember how easily the words flowed, as though we had been friends forever

I wanted to tell you how much I adored you

How you'd always been kind, a role model for me since middle school

You are part of the reason I am who I am

I wanted to say thank you

I don't remember a lot of things,

But you changed my life, and that is something I can never forget.


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