We Are Who We Are

Degraded, looked down upon, talked about;
the words people say about them, no one can live it down.
To be? Or not to be? Is the question;
But I want to know why you care about their orientation.
What's the difference between bi, straight, lesbian, and gay?
Is it because of who they like? What they do? and how they do it?
Who cares? How does this affect you?
Do you stop breathing? Can't eat? Can't sleep?
Go days locked up in a room,
afraid to see?
Where's the enjoyment that comes from talking about them?
Picking or pranking them?
Change? That's a joke. People have been mistreated, misjudged, and misused.
These people are strong, it takes a lot to sit around, take all these things we throw at them, and just let em soak
into the skin their in, with hair so thin, if you rip right in, it'll tear.
What if? What if we did change? What if we all took a step back and got to know them?
What if we treated them like humans instead of homeless children? What if we took a day to have
lunch with one?
Would we find out how cool, funny, laid back, chill, nice, caring,etc. they are?
Would we change how we feel towards them?
Could we make that change?
Noo, you're right. Simple minded people.
Only have one train of thought;
You think straights are right and bis, lesbians, and gays are wrong.
Open your eyes to see the world around you.
Everything is wrong. Worry about problems you can change, because you can't change peoples
attractions towards others.
Look around you. Who's who?

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