We are not fleeting, We are Forever.

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 20:13 -- Mateoo

"You have me, just take my hand." 

I said,

As you sailed into the depths,

But remember I do care, my light shines through your windows,

Your heart is my home too.

Your sadness pervades the air, and I stitch myself to you,

Climbing your ladders to the dark places,

To tamper with the black,

And light some candles.


"I do not know why this feeling lasts so long."

You said,

As I held you closer, my soul burning your skin,

My flames are your flames, you can take them.

I do not know these blacks and these blues that tingle under your skin,

Some days are better than others,

And that's okay, because I am here,

I will not go away.


Do not put your light out,

My hands will pull you into the sun,

My love burns for you, as your lover, as your friend,

As your anything you want me to be,

You can cling to me.

Some days are better than others,

The waves in your soul ebb and flow,

But do not disappear, when the moments seem unclear,

And the sadness runs in your blood,

It  will pass, just like everything else.


Wait with me here,

We will figure it out.

We are not fleeting,

We will not just run away,

We are forever, and forever our lives will stay.


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