"We Are Almighty"


They say we are free

But I still hear the caged bird sing

We may not see the strange fruit up in the trees

But we sure do see them laying in our streets

Killed young by the one’s who “protect”

But how can we trust a system built to fit the white man

How can we trust what they say

When we see our brother and sisters dying every day

They say we are ugly

But yet they want to look like we

But not struggle and take the pain we bleed

The oppression and depression that comes with our melanin

They crave our features and culture

But still disrespect it when we live it

Each day I wake up to be taught my history through the eyes of the white man

But here's what I have to say, to my dark people who slay

I’m young but it don’t mean I ain’t learn some

I came to know a few things

I’m young, but not too young to  know the melanin in our skin make us unequal  to them

Young, but not too young to know my life ain’t no value

See to the white man I’m seen to be exiled

Young, but not too young to know

You people ain’t slick

Trying to take our heritage

You want our big lips

Our hips

Our hair and style

But don’t want the persecution that comes with it

You don’t want that pain and sorrow that goes with it

Young, but not too young to know

I gotta start sticking up for my people

Start ending the war between light skin and dark skin

Start to build up

Cause all around it looks like we falling down

Teach the young to stop wanna be thugs,

Tell these girls to know they worth

Stop the black on black crime

And plant love into their minds

Keep your head up and smile

Especially when they don’t want us to shine

Because my god has something in store

Retribution will be handed to them

Just know your worth

Know that you are royalty

A son and daughter of a righteous king

One who loves us for what’s deep within and not the color of our skin

So save our history

Change your mind

Because in due time

We will shine with our almighty king up high

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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