Water Fight


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Water Fight
Run Fast! Dunk quickly! Watch out!
We all got water balloons and we are goin to throw them now
Someone hit you in the back if
It fills like ice
You run quick but not quick enough
This time it was tough
Grab two water balloon and hurl them quick
So you want have to take a lick
Think on your toes watch yourself
Swiftly now get behind that car!
Feet burning becuz of hot road tar
Grab the water hose with a laugh
You bout to give these kids a bath
Who ever sees you better get out of the way cuz
Its your turn to play
They start to run
but that's ok you got the big gun
With a smurk you squeeze the leaver now wasn't this so very

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This is just a fun poem I thought of. It reminds me of summer time playing with the kids in the neighborhood. Hope you enjoy

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