My body is the house I grew up in, how dare I try to tear it down to the ground.

Self worth is infinitely more than the number on the scale,
-- I am a warrior
Rolls, stretch-marks, cellulite, acne and scars cannot prevent me from being capable;
I can run, stretch, dance, sing, draw and live freely if I choose to do so

Living in a society that teaches us we are inherently imperfect and flawed is exhausting
I have everything I need in me already,
-- I am an amazon
Beauty is so much more than my waist measurement, my lipstick shade, my appeal,
It is what we project from the inside.

My body is a temple that houses.. a loving heart
an ambitious, thoughtful mind

My body of flesh is a vessel through which I will continue to thrive and grow, unapologetically.

Acceptance and self love is not easy-- it never will be, but I refuse to tear my house down.

I am a warrior, an amazon, an unapologetic vessel.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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