A Warrior is..

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 22:08 -- TameraJ


The Warrior is Strong & Brave

They’re fearless with courage

Strengthen by Love

Fight till the end

Or Fight till their last

Determined for their country

They’ll never back down

With hearts pure

They’ll fight to win

The Warrior is Brave & Strong

With others by their side

Protecting their country

Sacrificing their life

For not only the country

Or the freedom

Or the ones they love

But for the ones by their side

Also sacrificing their life

The Warrior is not only

Brave & Strong or Strong & Brave

They’re loyal & fearless

Kind hearted yet Strict

But behind all of that

A Warrior is much more

They’re family to their country

A friend to the people

They’re everything

To the ones waiting at home

For the return of the beloved heroes

A Warrior is Proud


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