I am over-weight

and thats bad, right?

Is it so bad to have a constant place for people to run for warmth and comfort.

For me, a hug is all I need to give to make someone feel better

yet all my life I have been told that it is bad and it has forced insecurities about myself on me,

but without my warmth, a friend may have never known me, i couldnt comfort someone after the lose of a parent, 

without it, i would not be me because the most comforting thing is a hug, and with my body comes warmth.

taking away my weight would take away a shelter for friends.

People try to shame me for my body, until, of course, they need a hug or they feel cold,

because to them, i only need to be big when its convinient.

Well I say no.

this is what make me, this body has infinately contributed to making me who I am.

So where some would define me as a dark skinned teenager that is fat,

i define myself as a dark skinned teenager that is Warm. 


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