Warm honey

His eyes are warm honey when in fused with sunlight, his voice my song

when I'm alone. I have yet to see the most intimate parts of him, 

or feel sparks fly between our dancing tongues, but im already caught up

in everything I feel so far, reading every word of his first chapter, sinking

deeper and deeper into the plot with every page I turn, always

yearning for more. His hands on mine, catch my  breath, molten

currents in my veins rush faster, slowing when he is absent, a movie

on pause for intermissoin. His lips on mine, momentary clouds of

bliss, skin to skin, rare beauty, intimacy uncomplicated, our words

stay simple, spontaneous. Everything spoken, everything left unspoken,

everything yet to be spoken, all hang  above our heads, random clouds

of undefined importance. Silent promises, tiny relief before results, everything

we do left simple. His eyes are like warm honey when infused with sunlight,

and they are the sweetner of my days. 


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