If you heard the shot it wasn't for you,
I'm as tough as they come, 
The belly of my gun,
pullin' that trigger til my fingers numb,
My wounds drink rum as I ra pa pum pum
tossin' grenades, savin' my brotha's from what comes,
I've seen the world without makeup and shes an ugly
bitch who totes anything that holds a clip, 
And there I am sitting pretty in the mist,
reloaded and waitin' on my next fix,
I serve and protect shit; return home then
boot up again askin' who's the next is?
I'm that rifle baring, asshole swearing 
muthafucka your nightmares about, 
I'm that mean son of a gun war stories talk about, 
Nothin' scares, fears, or wears me,
I'm that breaded grinch you don't wanna dare see.


_Shaun Poet


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