At War

It seems as if no one wants to do what is right.
No one wants to fight
Most of us was born at the cross roads
It wasn’t a road we chose
Tossed into a generation of gun violence, sex, drugs,
No love, no kisses, no hugs
On February 15, 2009 a battle had begun
It was easy to tell, when I heard the shot of a gun
And I was surely in hell
Killing and shooting
The screaming the yelling
Bodies hitting the floor
Horrifying and I couldn’t take it anymore
People are so quick to pick up a gun,
Taking someone’s life just for fun
Losing my befriend was always a dread
Shot six times in the back, three times in the head
Nine times and he was dead
Ina puddle of blood, he lid there
Grasping for air
Death was close, as the reapers breath
All the friends I lost in this war
What was this all for?
Why did I have to end up alone?
Why all my partners have to be dead?
Everyone is losing their head
Going mad,
I wanted revenge more
But then I didn’t know what I was fighting for
I was just at war.


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