They say to wander and find what it is you seek,

but i feel my knees wanting to give in. Oh how they ache, oh

for they are so weak. I have been wandering, wandering to the abiss of nothingness

so it seems. The ends just arent justifing the means, and I dont know if I can continue

this stride. I feel the weight of a thousand needles as they puncture every scar i have

healed from. My old wounds open like the sun in a morning's rise. But i keep 

wandering. My soul is one of a warrior, a surviver. Im a little shy to admit but I have a

broken heart but one that won't quit, it just keeps pumping steams of hope into my

body. It makes me physically sick, to think I was so close to give up, that quick.

So i'll keep on this path, passing by the past and everything that lies and keep going

never stopping, never ending this stride.

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