Wandered Love

I suffer-cry-laugh

I have always fallen

I have persisted across time

I have suffered as a human

being child as teenager

As an adult

With the years that have passed

With lost times

With which I have enjoyed

So many dreams destroyed

on the way many drowned yearnings in cold water

Of skin of life a while back

My feeling was over

I was left with no heart due to the departure of your love

because of my deep pain

Of the absence of love

But so it had to be destiny enjoy of beautiful moments

with a person you love in life

not in every sense of word is happiness

But plenitude

on occasion the situation may change


For me it is loving myself above all

Discovering that there is so much beautiful inside me

That I not know that that is happiness above all

Because this is how we live with the soul of truth

Because this is how we die

Because that's how we wander with pain

Because this is how we love really loves.

-Jonatan Vega


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